This isn’t in any particular order. I’m just listing whatever comes to mind:

1. sledding on lunch trays in Forest Park

2. concerts at the Pageant or the Peabody Opera House

3. make your own butter with WUChurn, WashU’s butter-churning club

4. see an improv show. K.A.R.L. and Mama’s Pot Roast both do short form. Suspicious of Whistlers does long form.

5. go to an a cappella concert. There are 11 a cappella groups on campus.

6. play video games or pool in the DUC game room

7. visit the Kemper Art Museum on campus

8. go to Forest Park and visit the St. Louis Art Museum

9. order cookies from Dough to Door in the middle of the night

10. City Museum!

11. journey to the top of the St. Louis Arch

12. Tuesday Tea at 3

13. ride in a police car to Barnes-Jewish Hospital with your injured roommate, who luckily does not need stitches (I’m not suggesting that anyone should get hurt, but it was quite an adventure)

14. WILD

15. WUStock

16. Thurtene Carnival

17. Carnaval

18. Black Anthology

19. Holi and Diwali

20. free movie and popcorn on Thursday nights at Ursa’s

21. dances–there are several formals throughout the year hosted by various organizations

22. Free Comic Book Day at Starclipper

23. food and/or shopping at St. Louis Galleria

24. go to a Cardinal’s game

25.  write a short play and bring it to one of the monthly Thyrsus No Shame events, where you can choose people from the audience to perform it for you. No preparation. No costumes. No set. Plenty of fun.

26. build a snowman/have a snowball fight

27. go to the St. Louis Zoo. In February, they let the penguins waddle around the zoo on Sundays at 2 pm (if it’s below 50 degrees).

28. make your own s’mores at Kayak’s Cafe

29. watch the night sky from the Crow Observatory

30. if you like spoken word poetry, go to a WU-SLam event

I haven’t done all the things on this list, but I’ve done the majority of them. There’s always something going on at WashU — you don’t have to worry about being bored. And if you do get bored, just start your homework. You’ll think of something more interesting you’d rather do in no time* ;)

*You should still do your homework though. It builds character.