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The Social Programming Board has selected Swedish pop duo Icona Pop to headline Fall WILD, which will take place in Brookings Quad on Friday, Oct. 24.

Personally, I don’t care for Icona Pop. But the free food and pumped-up atmosphere that always accompanies WILD? I love it!

In addition to Icona Pop, there will be three opening acts: GRiZ, Lowell, and Five Knives. I hadn’t heard of any of these three groups before they were announced, but sometimes it’s the unknown bands that turn out to be my favorite (e.g. Yeasayer from Spring WILD 2013), so I’m actually really looking forward to them. Well…some of them. I’ve been listening to these artists so that they’ll be at least slightly familiar come WILD, and I just can’t get behind Five Knives. Five Guys? Sure. Five Knives? They sound weird, man. See for yourself below.



Dance party! I’m loving the jazzy undertones.


My favorite of the three openers. I’m interested to see how she’ll be live, since her music isn’t as high-energy as GRiZ’s.

Five Knives

Much scream. Very angst. Wow.